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2019 September Newsletter

As testimony to our breeding philosophy, Macquarie was once again successful at the Australian Sheep & Wool Show in July, taking out: Continue reading

2018 December

For the majority of Macquarie clients the severe drought conditions are yet to ease with many now into the sixth year. These conditions however, highlight the doing ability, the fertility and the price paid for surplus Dohne sheep. Continue reading

2018 September

Macquarie Dohne rams have shined again in the show ring. Out of the three years the event has been running: Supreme Exhibit (2016) Grand Champion Ram (2016) Reserve Champion Ram (2018) Continue reading

2017 December

As the year comes to an end we have record prices for both lamb and wool. Combine these with fertility, doing ability, longevity and the value of the Dohne as a prime lamb dam, astute graziers realise the true value of the Dohne who's popularity is continuing rise. Congratulations to our clients on their magnificent results throughout 2017 (too many to mention individually!). Due to management and genetics, client's wether lambs in northern NSW sold for over $200 per head (not including shorn wool value) and wool in Western Victoria make 1773 c per kg. Continue reading

2017 September

Macquarie Dohne Stud is in its 17th year and is an Australian foundation Stud, registered Flock no. 4. This will be our 14th annual ram sale, a milestone for an Australian Dohne stud. The future looks bright for the sheep industry and agriculture in general. Numbers are struggling to meet demand for both meat and wool. There is no better time than now to join the ewes up with upgraded genetics and young fresh rams. High quality maternal genetics is where the profitability lies. Continue reading

2016 December

Sheep were tested this year with an extremely dry autumn that turned into what became an incredibly wet winter and September flooding. The Macquarie Dohnes have handled this extremely well. James classed out ram weaners a couple of weeks ago and was impressed by the growth, staple length and nourishment. Key traits that have been our focus. Continue reading

2016 September

Global Dohne Conference was an outstanding success, represented by all sheep producing states of Australia, 200 delegates including 44 International attended the two-day conference and National Ram sale held on the Friday evening at the MLA Formal Dinner. Macquarie sold a ram for $8000 to Stephen & Dianne Perry, $4000 to Phil & Jose Cosgrove and $2500 to Michael & Annie O’Brien. Continue reading

2015 December

Our large scale AI program in April yielded pleasing results both in conception rate and quality. Elite sire Empire 13-7021 'Tom' produced 330 lambs. On an average daily growth rate these lambs are equal to the highest ever at Macquarie. The nourishment and elite wools along with exceptional length of body are exciting. Continue reading

2015 September

"A dual purpose sheep with the emphasis on early growth rates, prime lamb carcass, high fertility and quality apparel wool". Macquarie has not wavered from this type and we believe that it is imperative that the true dohne remains a distinctive type with a point of difference. Continue reading

2015 July

2015 will see Macquarie offer stud sires at Hamilton Sheepvention on Tuesday 4th August. Three special stud sires and two selected stud sires will be offered by Elders Ltd. Continue reading