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Sale Information


  • 10th September 2021
  • 9:30am to 4pm
  • By Appointment
  • John Nadin 0427 474 610
  • James Koster 0427 546 873
  • Macquarie Ram Depot, Ballimore NSW
  • 18th Annual Production Sale

    • 22 September 2021
    • Macquarie Ram Depot, Ballimore NSW
    • Inspection from 9:30am
    • Sale 1pm
    • 200 Dohne Rams
    • Agent: Clemson Hiscox & Co
    • Interfaced with Auctions Plus

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2021 September Newsletter

Ram Sales are considered an essential service and we have been advised that they are a sufficient reason to travel. For those who can't travel, we will once again, be interfaced with AuctionsPlus. For those that feel more comfortable with bidding over the phone we have plenty of agent representatives available Continue reading

Here Comes The Future Dohne Merinos Helping to Improve Wool Quality for Nick Theos Family Ranch

Paul Neilson, DVM, and his wife, Renae, could have left well enough alone. After all, they were just a few years away from handing control of the Nick Theos Family Ranch in Northwest Colorado to their daughter, Kelcee Vroman, and son-in-law, Ryan. But like most parents, they wanted more for the generations to come. So, they set off on the Dohne Merino project, injecting new bloodlines into a Columbia-based flock that was in serious need of improvement when it came to wool quality. The result has been finer, whiter, longer wool without sacrificing meat quality or quantity. Continue reading

2020 December Newsletter

Demand for rams exceeded expectations. Stud and flock rams selling throughout NSW, QLD, VIC, SA and Tasmania. Rams topped at $5000 (2) at our 17th annual on property ram sale and $5000 at the 16th annual Victorian ram sale. We believe this year's rams were amongst the best offered especially considering the disastrous start they had. As stated previously, the wool quality and cut would match any merino enterprise and the carcass shape and growth rates would far exceed any. We are currently flushing 50 elite ewes. Elite sire 19-1457 to be used extensively in our upcoming AI and ET programs. Continue reading


The top-priced ram - Lot 6 - was offered by Macquarie Dohnes, Warren, NSW, and purchased by first-time buyers to the sale Chris and Helen Carrigan, Welbon Grazing Co, Garah, NSW, who was purchased through Ross Milne, Elders, via phone. Continue reading

2020 October Newsletter

All 119 rams sold for a top price of $5000 twice and an average of $2101, a growth of $221 on last year. Rams were sold to New South Wales, Victoria, Tasmania and South Australia and bidding started as convincingly as it ended for the very even draft of rams. Twenty-four bidders onsite were joined by 41 registered bidders and 39 viewers on AuctionsPlus. Continue reading

2020 Production Sale Results

Macquarie Dohnes recognise the importance of maintaining the true beliefs of the breed and refuse to sacrifice growth rates, carcase shape and quality, fertility and hardiness for other traits. All 119 rams sold for a top price of $5000 twice and an average of $2101, a growth of $221 on last year. Continue reading


Our breeding program aims for a balanced set of EBV traits, backed up by a strict visual appraisal for structure, wool quality, staple length, doing ability and soundness. Commercially unprofitable sheep are eliminated. Continue reading

2019 Victorian Sale Results

Record Victorian auction price for Dohne

BY ANDREW MILLER Stock & Land 1st November 2019

40 of 58 rams sold to $13,000, av $2143

A NSW Dohne stud has achieved a record Victorian auction price for one its rams,… Continue reading

Dohne Maternal Traits Proving Worth

“I love the Dohne as they’re tough. We’re pushing our sheep much harder in that we’re shearing twice a year and looking to get 1.3 to 1.4 lambs out of her. They love fibre (roughage) and they’re good doers.”

Original… Continue reading

No Question about Quality

FOR SHEEP farmers, quality wool is a trait that can’t be sacrificed and the Dohne’s superior white wool makes them a breed that ticks all the boxes. This is the case for Dohne breeder Russell Coad who’s lived on his family’s Barunah Plains property in Victoria his entire life. Continue reading