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Older News

Dohne Merino In Uruguay

THE PRE-TOUR and International Dohne Conference takes place in Uruguay from 16 to 20 April 2018, will be followed by a post Conference tour through Argentina and Chile from 23 to 29 April. Continue reading

Dohne Flock Leads The Way In Certification

AN AUSTRALIAN Dohne flock is leading the way in ethically raised and produced wool by selling one of the first clips offered under the international Responsible Wool Standard. Continue reading

Dohnes Push Gross Margin In Low Rainfall

“The Dohne is the most profitable in varied locations, which is not surprising given their dual purpose nature”. Continue reading

Tassie back to back carcass winners

“ The Dohne produces an award winning, high yielding (up to 49 per cent) prime lamb carcass with attributes being equal to the commonly known terminal breeds with one exception – less fat.” Continue reading

The Dohne does stack up well financially

“Since its inception the aim of the Dohne Merino has been well defined with the breeding objective to improve meat, wool and reproductive traits.” Continue reading

Dohnes handle the dry at Cunnamulla

DOHNES have proven their ability to handle the sometimes harsh conditions on the Clark family’s property “Pabra”, near Cunnamulla in south west Queensland. They run between 2000 and 3500 ewes, depending on the season, with the operation traditionally running a Merino flock. Continue reading

Dohnes Drive Profit & Growth For Farmanco

“The great thing about Dohnes is that they've got the right breeding objectives and they are completely measurable.” Continue reading

Western Victoria; Dohnes shine

Wayne & Hugh Caldow, “Langlea” property is 15kms east of Edenhope.
Edenhope is about 35kms of the South Australian border in the far west of Victoria.

We have been in Dohnes now for about 10 years; a self-replacing Dohne enterprise… Continue reading

The Maternal Qualities of the Dohne

Everyone would agree that the maternal qualities of the Dohne ewe are perfect for Australian conditions. They are survivors - resilient and fertile. They are natural mothers who produce and rear high performance lambs. Our challenge is to manage them more effectively to get the optimal results using their exceptional mothering abilities. Continue reading

Ethical Livestock Farming and Feedlotting Dohnes at Rivalea

The performance of the Dohne breed has met all expectations at Rivalea. The performance of the sheep at both Rivalea properties has seen dramatic improvements in growth potential, lamb survival and mothering ability. The benefits of these qualities are providing significant financial benefits to the company. The traits that the Dohne breed is becoming renowned for are truly on displayed in this flock. Continue reading