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ASBVs – What does it all mean?

“Net Lambs Born (NLB) EBV advantage of Dohne rams that have entered the Merino Superior Sires comparison averages 22% higher than the merino ( accessed 9th May 2017).” Dr Graham Lean, Agrivet Business Consultancy, Hamilton VIC

Clean Fleece Weight (YCFW): heritability : moderate 30%

• Fleece measurements are taken between 270 and 540 days of age, when the animal has a minimum of 150 days of wool growth.
• Being a dual purpose breed we aim to maintain a meat to wool ratio that does not impede fertility.

Fibre Diameter Coefficient of Variation (YFDCV): heritability : moderate 30%

• Mid side samples are taken at the same time as CFW.
• Selecting for a lower CV will produce progeny that have less variation in FD.
• Lower CV results in improved staple strength and better processing.

Fibre Diameter (YFD): heritability : high 55%

• Mid side samples are taken at the same time as Clean Fleece Weight.
• The aim is to maintain Fibre Diameter between the medium to fine wool range.


Weaning Weight (WWT): heritability : high 20%

• All lambs are weighed between 42 and 120 days of age (ideally 100 days).
• This weight reflects the mothers’ milking ability and maternal characteristics.
• A higher WWT will highlight the early maturing lambs and give a commercial breeder the opportunity to reach target weights earlier.

Eye Muscle Depth (PEMD): heritability : moderate 20%

• Lambs are scanned between 210 and 300 days of age.
• High yielding carcasses.
• High priced cuts.
• High muscle to bone ratio.

Post Weaning Weight (PWT): heritability : moderate 30%

• Lambs are weighed between 210 and 300 days of age to achieve commercial objectives of turning lambs off earlier, indicating a better feed conversion ratio.
• This weight is representative of the lamb’s ability to grow without their mothers’ influence.
• Lambs that reach target slaughter weights as quickly as possible are more profitable.

Fat (PFAT): heritability : moderate 20%

• Measured at the same time as EMD.
• Relates to better ewe fertility, higher lamb survivability and doing ability.
• Improves meat eating qualities.

Tom Bowen and Roy Addis, Landmark Katanning eye muscle scanning seven month old Dohne ewe lambs.