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Sale Information


  • Friday 13th September 2024
  • Macquarie Ram Depot, “Carinya” Ballimore NSW
  • From 9:30am to 4pm

    • Wednesday 25th September 2024
    • Macquarie Ram Depot, “Carinya” Ballimore NSW
    • Inspection from 9:30am
    • Sale 1pm
    • 200 Performance Dohne Rams
    • The auction will be interfaced with AuctionsPlus

Contact Us

John Nadin
Mobile : 0427 474 610

Greg McCann
Mobile : 0499 865 120

Stud Representatives:
Will Nadin
Mobile: 0430 315 558

James Nadin
Mobile : 0439 709 306

Peter Nadin
Mobile : 0439 717 677

Stud Classer:
James Koster
Mobile: 0427 546 873

Macquarie Dohnes Office
Tanya Barton
Ph: 02 6027 1190
Mobile : 0429 208 674

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Central West Genetics

Latest News

2023 December Newsletter

After three consecutive wet years along with high sheep and lamb prices, 2023 was disappointing on the price side coupled with the majority of our clients receiving well below average rainfall, fed sheep for most of the year and didn’t plant crops. Unfortunately the cost of production remains extremely high causing many sheep producers to cut back on numbers and, in some cases, get out of sheep altogether. As we know, livestock production is long term ….. especially genetically. The result of breeding decisions made now aren’t realised for twelve to twenty four months. As the year closes the lamb market is back to sustainable prices and wool EMI has picked up 100c. Unfortunately mutton and re-stocker prices remain below par. On a positive side, 2023 in some respects was one of our most successful. At the Australian Sheep and Wool Show in July, we had a record showing of the Dohne breed in Australia taking out 24 broad ribbons including Supreme exhibit, Grand Champion Junior and Senior ram, Grand Champion Pair, Grand Champion Group and Champion Group of 3 fleeces (5th time in succession) along with the Most Successful Exhibitor. Continue reading

2023 September Newsletter

There is a growing preference amongst consumers for natural, biodegradable, sustainable and renewable materials. The forecast for global wool demand from 2023 to 2030 is an increase of 4.9%. As I’ve said before, this is where the Dohne shines … lower production costs, high fertility, doing ability, quality fine apparel wool, plain bodied, mules free, high growth rates and a prime lamb carcase. On a more positive note Macquarie has recorded its most successful year to date. Continue reading

2023 July Newsletter

With commodity prices falling and the season tightening the gloss has somewhat come off agriculture. This is where the Dohne really shines ….. low production costs, low labour inputs, high fertility, doing ability, quality apparel wool, plain bodied, mules free, high growth rates and a quality prime lamb carcase. Although the wool market has lagged behind other agricultural commodities in recent years, it has been consistent . The fineness, staple strength, staple length and quality of Dohne wool along with the premium for non-mulesed wool still makes the wool component a profitable return. Coupled with early turn-off of quality prime lambs and low labour input, the Dohne package remains the most profitable sheep enterprise. This is evident in the results of Macquarie’s performance in merino sire evaluations in some of the most challenging sheep country in Australia. The results below speak for themselves. Continue reading

2021 December Newsletter

As the year draws to a close our thoughts go out to those having had a difficult harvest due to the inclement weather and to those loved ones that have passed. On a positive note, we are midway through the embryo flushing of our elite high performing ewes with the first two programs yielding a remarkable 11.7 and 9.5 transferable embryos per ewe. These results will allow us to impregnate 800 recipient ewes with our best genetics. A big thank you to Greg and the Central West Genetics (CWG) team. Continue reading


The top-priced $5000 ram at the 17th Annual Victorian Dohne Invitation Ram Sale is set to remain in Victoria after being snapped up by a Kerang stud at Ballarat on Thursday. ​*24 of 45 Dohne rams sold to $5000, av $1894. Continue reading

2021 November Newsletter

All 196 rams sold for a top price of $7000 and an average of $3518. Rams were sold to New South Wales, Victoria, Tasmania, South Australia and Queensland and spirited bidding lifted the stud average to a new high and what is believed to be a Dohne record average, after snatching that title from another which had taken the record just a day previously. Continue reading

Macquarie Dohne stud’s 18th annual ram sale is one for the record books

At Macquarie Dohne stud's 18th annual production ram sale at Ballimore on Wednesday last week, spirited bidding lifted the stud to a new high and what is believed to be a Dohne record average, after snatching that title from another which had taken the record just days previously. Overall 196 Dohne rams were sold for a perfect clearance and to an average of $3518. Continue reading

2021 September Newsletter

Ram Sales are considered an essential service and we have been advised that they are a sufficient reason to travel. For those who can't travel, we will once again, be interfaced with AuctionsPlus. For those that feel more comfortable with bidding over the phone we have plenty of agent representatives available Continue reading

Here Comes The Future Dohne Merinos Helping to Improve Wool Quality for Nick Theos Family Ranch

Paul Neilson, DVM, and his wife, Renae, could have left well enough alone. After all, they were just a few years away from handing control of the Nick Theos Family Ranch in Northwest Colorado to their daughter, Kelcee Vroman, and son-in-law, Ryan. But like most parents, they wanted more for the generations to come. So, they set off on the Dohne Merino project, injecting new bloodlines into a Columbia-based flock that was in serious need of improvement when it came to wool quality. The result has been finer, whiter, longer wool without sacrificing meat quality or quantity. Continue reading

Meeting Non Mulesed Wool Demands

IN a world becoming increasingly socially conscious on animal welfare, social responsibility and environmental sustainability, the wool industry will always be subject to constant change and innovation. Over the past 30 years, and in particular the past 3, mulesing has been at the forefront of focus from both within and beyond the industry. Continue reading