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Elders Helmsman Ram Sale

  • Sunday 21st July 2019
  • 3 Specially Selected Dohne Rams
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  • John Nadin
  • 0427 474 610
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John Nadin
Mobile : 0427 474 610

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Macquarie Dohnes Office
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Central West Genetics

Empire Family

Family started with the purchase of a sire from Mt Alma Dohne Stud, SA.
Characteristics are exceptional structure, length and depth of body carrying a stylish, well crimped, bright and soft handling 66’s quality fleece.
Sires have sold to $8000 – MD07-0496 to Midgery Dohne Stud, MD09-2293 to DD, Kardinia & Glenlea (WA) Dohne studs for $4500.
MD11-4838 sold to DD Dohne stud at the 2013 Premier Sale, MD13-7176 sold to Glenlea Stud (WA) for $5000,MD13-7187 sold to Narloo Stud (SA) for $4000, and MD14-0145 to Stephen & Dianne Perry for $8000.
Impact sire MD13-7021 ‘Tom’ has been retained.
Sons of Impact sire MD13-7021 ‘Tom’ Include the private sale of MD15 -1929 to RW & EA McColl (VIC) for $5000, MD16-3003 to Stephen & Dianne Perry for $5000 and MD15-1937 at the 2016 On Property Sale again to Stephen & Dianne Perry for $8000.
MD13-7021 semen sales include Stirling Stud (VIC), Mt Alma Stud (SA), Kardinia Stud (NSW), Far Valley Stud (WA), Kintail Park Stud (WA), Chirniminup Stud (WA) and also North America, Chile, Argentina and Uruguay.
Elite sire MD15-1827 retained.

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MD 17-4684

An exciting young sire with impeccable prepotent breeding. 4684 has a strong presence and a long, deep body with excellent feet structure. He carries a long shafty, well nourished, evenly crimped medium fleece on a thick supple skin. 4684 has a soft masculine muzzle which is free of blemishes. 4684 is in the top 10% of the breed for 5 of the 8 measurements; Weaning weight, Post weaning weight, Eye Muscle, Fat and Index.
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MD 16-3674

A twin and half brother to ‘Tom’ out of a Majestic Special Stud ewe. He was Macquarie’s highest 2016 drop indexing ram. 3674 is a squat , deep bodied early maturing sire typical of the Majestic family and shows all the wool characteristics of the Empire family…. long stapled , deep crimping, lustrous, even 64s quality. 3647 has excellent conformation and a soft pure muzzle which is free of blemishes. He is in the top 10% of the breed for Weaning weight , Eye Muscle and Index.
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MD 15-2054

Private Sale at the 2018 Hamilton Sheepvention, purchased by Burnbank Dohne Stud, Mooralla VIC. Empire 15-2054. By impact sire MD13-7021 (used in 7 Australian studs) out of an Empire Special Stud ewe. 2054 shows all the characteristics of his sire…an extremely deep, wide body and twist, with an exceptional long stapled , deep crimping even 64s quality fleece.
2054 has a soft pure muzzle and is free of blemishes.
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MD137021 web photo

MD 13-7021

MD Empire 13 7021 x MD11-4838 is an exciting well bred young sire from the proven Empire family. An exceptionally long bodied sire with the depth of barrel, spring of rib & deep twist associated with the dohne. 7021 stands correctly & has a very good top line for a ram of his length. His outstanding feature however, is his wool quality & staple length.
7021 carries a bright, soft, deep crimping elite wool.
7021 has a masculine soft muzzle & is free of blemishes.
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MD114838 web

MD 11-4838

MD Empire 11-4838 x MD092531 out of an Olympus family ewe. 4838 was sold to DD Dohnes Stud in August 2013.
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MD 09-2615

MD092615 sold at the Tasmanian Invitation Dohne Ram Sale 2011 for $2,000. Purchased by Greenhill Trading,Campbell Town, TAS.MD092615 (twin) Empire x ASH102 out of a GB211 special stud ewe (flushed). MD092615 is a deep bodied young sire carrying a well nourished, bright and shafty 66’s quality fleece. He is free of blemishes.
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MD070496 sire

MD 07-0496

MD070496 “Empire 3rd” top priced ram at the On Property Ram Sale 2009 for $8,000, purchased by Midgery Dohne Stud, Walgett NSW. A son of Mt Alma 05-102 out of a Uardry 281 Special Stud ewe.496 is a plain, long bodied sire carrying a medium fleece on a supple skin.496 is free of any blemishes and has a bare breach score of 1. A new family showing great promise.
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MD070183 sire

MD 07-0183

MD070183 “Empire 2nd” sold at the Victorian Dohne Ram Sale 2009 for $4,500, purchased by RW & EA McColl Meredith, VIC. Another son of Mt Alma 05-102 out of an Olympus special stud ewe.183 is a plain bodied sire with great width and depth. He carries a medium/fine long stapled fleece.
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