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Our large scale AI program in April yielded pleasing results both in conception rate and quality. Elite sire Empire 13-7021 'Tom' produced 330 lambs. On an average daily growth rate these lambs are equal to the highest ever at Macquarie. The nourishment and elite wools along with exceptional length of body are exciting. I believe that this sire will have a major impact on the dohne breed. Semen has been sold to leading studs including Mt Alma in South Australia. During 2016 Macquarie sold genetics to all sheep producing states in Australia. Continue reading

Coonong backs Dohne decision

BY SIMONE NORRIE / STOCK & LAND / 27th August 2015

AT COONONG Station near Urana in southern NSW, Tom and Sophie Holt are running one of Australia’s largest commercial Dohne operations.

Along with their son Thomas, 8, their full… Continue reading


Itinerary – Global Dohne Conference 2016 Continue reading

Stick to good-doing Dohnes

WHEN Wayne and Sally Hawkins realised their Merino sheep were not performing, they knew something had to change. “They would cut wool, but they weren’t breeding the way we wanted them to,” Mr Hawkins said, who runs Circle H Farms, Frances, South Australia. His business also incorporates cropping, and Mr Hawkins was keen to see improved weight gain in the lambs. “I love growing canola, and I love putting urea on and seeing it go berserk,” he said. “I wanted to see that same reaction in the sheep, but the Merino lambs just weren’t doing that.” Continue reading

Dohnes’ do-ability simplifies operation

Having an income from both wool and prime lamb attracted Clunes grazier Rod Seers to the Dohne breed. Mr Seers runs a flock of 2500 Dohnes at Clearview, in the Glengower district, having switched from Merinos five years ago. Continue reading

Become a Dohne Commercial Member

“Becoming a member is easy and beneficial to your business” Continue reading

“Adapt or Die”

The Daily Bleat | 1st May 2014

Cameron McMaster, a former manager of the Dohne Merino Breed Society of South Africa, spoke yesterday at the Merino 2014 during the plenary session themed, “Adapt or die”.

The session was chaired by… Continue reading

Dohnes Deliver

SOUTHERN NSW mixed farmers Richard and Lesley Koschitzke switched from first-cross ewes to a self-replacing Dohne flock three years ago. Mr Koschitzke, Brocklesby, has been impressed with the robustness of the Dohne ewe, and he has doubled the income from his wool clip. Continue reading

Backcrossing argument carries no weight

Sheep producers backcrossing away from the Dohne breed to Poll Merinos with the perception of improving wool quality have been urged to consider their gross margins. Continue reading

Why Dohnes?

At Macquarie we strive to, genetically, stay well ahead of the pack and realise higher returns for our clients. James Koster & I have been working together as classer & stud master for over 25 years. This is an invaluable relationship when it comes to stud sheep breeding. Continue reading