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17th Annual Victorian Invitation Sale

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Central West Genetics

Wardry Family

This family is based on Uardry genetics. The first Uardry sire purchased was  UD010281 in 2002 for $12000. Leading sire is MD103594.
Characteristics are long bodies carrying medium fleece on a thick supple skin.  Recent introductions include UD091550 & UD111252.
Outside introductions include Lucky Downs LDD090437.


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MD 08-1682

MD081682 by UD010281, out of a Apollo ewe. Apollo Family is early maturing medium /fine family. 196 sold for $10,000 to Coonong Stud.1682 is a well-balanced sire showing all the attributes of early maturing along with a long staple, shafty 64’s (medium wool), deep crimping and well-nourished fleece. He has an excellent deep and wide twist and is free of any blemishes. Has been earmarked for further use at Macquarie.
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wool for sires

MD 08-1668

MD081668 by UD010281, which was the first Uardry sire purchased in 2002 for $12,000. Out of a Majestic ewe, Macquarie’s leading family. 1668 has a long, deep body carrying a shafty, deep crimping, well nourished, fine/medium fleece and is free of blemish’s.
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