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Breaking news!

Macquarie’s long association with Uardry dohnes to continue.

Macquarie’s purchase of 611 2012 drop ram weaners at the Uardry Dohne Stud dispersal will provide the industry with Uardry genetics for years to come.

Macquarie has had a long association with Uardry as both are founding studs in Australia & also the two largest. We have worked closely with Chris Bowman & Ben Lane and together instigated major breed promotion & ram sales through all eastern states & SA, from Longreach to Tasmania which helped the establishment & development of other studs.

One quarter of Macquarie stud (500 of 2000 stud ewes) are a Uardry blood family developed with the purchase of 6 sires & semen over the last decade including the equal top priced sire, lot 102, at the Uardry dispersal with Kardinia Stud.

Uardry’s Australian record $22,000 sire was sired by a Macquarie sire.

Uardry had developed a distinct type that is invaluable to the Dohne breed in Australia & Macquarie intends to keep the family separate and continue breeding the type of sheep Uardry Dohnes are renowned for.
With The purchase of 611 ram weaners we intend to offer the top 120 at auction in Hay in September 2013 and continue to provide this service from our Uardry family at Hay in future years.

Uardry purchased a Macquarie ram at the first National Dohne Ram Sale in 2002. MD010031 sold for an Australian record price at auction for $16 000.