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Sale Information


  • Friday 13th September 2024
  • Macquarie Ram Depot, “Carinya” Ballimore NSW
  • From 9:30am to 4pm

    • Wednesday 25th September 2024
    • Macquarie Ram Depot, “Carinya” Ballimore NSW
    • Inspection from 9:30am
    • Sale 1pm
    • 200 Performance Dohne Rams
    • The auction will be interfaced with AuctionsPlus
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John Nadin
Mobile : 0427 474 610

Greg McCann
Mobile : 0499 865 120

Stud Representatives:
Will Nadin
Mobile: 0430 315 558

James Nadin
Mobile : 0439 709 306

Peter Nadin
Mobile : 0439 717 677

Stud Classer:
James Koster
Mobile: 0427 546 873

Macquarie Dohnes Office
Tanya Barton
Ph: 02 6027 1190
Mobile : 0429 208 674

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Central West Genetics

2019 September Newsletter

I’m looking forward to the day when I can write reporting on what a great season and stable wool market we have !
Unfortunately through, the devastating drought continues through the majority of NSW, QLD and SA, having an extreme impact on farmers, associated businesses and country towns.
However, these adverse conditions have proven how resilient the Dohne is in maintaining condition and rearing lambs. This ‘doing ability’ is reflected in our stud ewe wool test results from May 2019. Macquarie’s non mulesed AAAM line with 8 months drought affected growth averaged:

20.3 0.7 65.5 76 56 11 2,275


The AAAM line averaged $2828 per bale and the whole clip, including PCS, BLS and STN, averaged $2462 per bale.

Mulesing has been an industry hot topic for sometime now with global pressure mounting. Macquarie ceased mulesing in 2004. The National Council of Wool Selling Brokers reported in February 2019 that for the first 6 months of the 2018-19 selling season , non-mulesed 20 micron wool sold for an extra 53c/kg.

The stars have been aligned with demand exceeding supply leading to record lamb and mutton prices along with low interest rates.
Unfortunately the wool market has once again shown its instability with the EMI dropping 363c per kg over the last three weeks (at the time of writing). The EMI on August 29 , 2019 , closed at 1375. On August 30 , 2018 , it closed at 2090.

The decimation of the breeding flock due to drought hasn’t deterred us from putting resources into our genetic progress. Over 1000 stud ewes were AI’d and 400 embryos implanted to our leading sires and dams this year.

As testimony to our breeding philosophy, Macquarie was once again successful at the Australian Sheep & Wool Show in July, taking out:

  • NSW Champion Ram
  • NSW Champion Pair
  • Reserve Grand Champion Pair
  • Best 3 Fleeces (^ 81 mm) (For the second year in a row)
  • Best individual fleece (^ 81 mm) (For the second year in a row)
  • Most Successful Exhibitor

John Nadin holding NSW Champion Ram Macquarie MD174684.

Associate Judge Tegan Falkner – Elders, Mt Gambier SA, Event Sponsors Anthony Shepherd – Sheepmatters, Cootamundra NSW, John Nadin and Judge Charlotte Treloar.- Elders, Broken Hill NSW.

Our success is not only evidence at stud level … our clients have been receiving premiums for their surplus sheep sales, in particular, through Auctions Plus. This can be attributed to good genetics, good management, good classing and good agents.
There are too many top results over the last 12 months to print, but some recent highlights worthy of mention are:

  • AH & NA Evans NSW : store wether lambs $140 / 518.5 c/kg live
  • DP O’Brien NSW : store wether lambs $137 / 411 c/kg live
  • O’Brien Brigalows NSW : store wether lambs $136 / 411 c/kg live
  • JG & BA Witts NSW : store wether lambs $100 / 452 c/kg live

As most of our clientele have been severely affected by the drought, we are going to offer approximately 110 rams at our annual production sale on September 23 and increase our numbers to 30 at the Ballarat sale on October 31.

Once the rams are lotted, the catalogue will be emailed to clients and available on our website

Rams purchased from the sale are welcome to stay with us until such time as that they are required. They will be shorn and maintained in working condition.

Grade rams will be available for selection after our production sale in three grades, $1200, $900 and $600.
As has always been the case, we will provide free delivery of rams to most areas.

An informal dinner at the Cattleman’s Motel, Dubbo will be held on the night before our production sale , Sunday September 22 at 7pm.

We look forward to catching up during the selling season.

Macquarie Dohnes Displays

Sheep Week – Macquarie Ram Depot

John Nadin with Central West Genetics  Alicia McConnell and Robyn Tozer, Dohne assessor, Allan Clarke of Dubbo.
Sheep Week – Balmoral Victoria

Ballarat Show – Ballarat Victoria

Hamilton Sheepvention – Hamilton Victoria

Biosecurity and health status has always been a priority at Macquarie, a guarantee we provide for our clients. Along with Brucellosis accreditation we have tested 350 ewes for Ovine Johnes disease with a 100% negative result. We are also implementing a fully audited Biosecurity plan for all properties. As to sheep veterinary advice, Greg McCann is, as always, available for all clients.

Upcoming sales
16th Annual Production Sale, Ballimore NSW
Monday 23rd September 2019
110 Specially Selected Rams
Sunday 22 September – Informal dinner
Cattleman’s Motel at 7pm.

15th Annual Victorian Ram Sale,  Ballarat  VIC
Thursday 31st October 2019
30 Specially Selected Rams

Grade rams will be available immediately after the Production Sale in 3 grades, $1200, $900 and $600.

Free delivery to most areas.